Almonds contain 25-40% almond oil, used in the pharmacy, cosmetology and perfumery. Almonds contain 18% protein. In many states, the almonds used for healing of nerve and eating disorders, and cancer prevention.

Almond kernels
  • Natural, Greek Origin
  • Natural Broken, Greek Origin
  • Natural Meal, Greek Origin
  • Natural California
  • California Natural Diced 2/4mm & 4/6mm
  • California Blanched Whole
  • California Blanched Diced 2/4mm & 4/6mm
  • California Blanched Sliced
  • California Blanched Broken
  • California Blanched Meal
Almond is the fruit of the almond tree. The exocarp has gray-green color and is fluffy. Inside there is a core, a woody bark and in it one or two seeds that are also used for food wikipedia