The walnuts eaten plain as a nut, or its been used in confectionery, cooking and eaten with honey. The fres (green) nut been cooked with sugar into a delicatessen

Walnut kernels
  • Walnut Kernels Light Halves (1/2), Greek Origin
  • Walnut Kernels Light Quarters (1/4), Greek Origin
  • Walnut Kernels Light Halves (1/2), Imported
  • Walnut Kernels Light Quarters (1/4), Imported
  • Walnut Kernels Light Pieces (1/8), Imported
  • Walnut kernel imported from: Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, USA, India
Walnut (scienc: Karia, Juglans) [1] belongs to the family of nutty (Juglandaceae) with 20 species of deciduous trees. It's wild, angiosperm, monochlamydiko plant with no adjusting trouble and its grown in different types of climates and environment, but most fruitful in areas with hot and humid climate. The most common and well known species is the Karya royal, latin name Juglans regia. wikipedia