In Greece cultivated before the Homeric age. In ancient times it was widely known and renowned for its quality, variety "Royal" which is cultivated mainly in Attica.

Today rumored Asian origin of the fig tree is been disputed, because according to Herodotus, was not cultivated nor Lydia nor in Persia. The historian of antiquity even says that the main reason for the campaign of King Xerxes of Persia, was the conquest of Attica, to have the opportunity to not only eat dried but also fresh fings.

The common fig (Ficus carica) is a species of flowering plant in the genus Ficus, from the family Moraceae, known as the common fig (or just the fig). Tree is very common in Asia, the Middle East and Mediteraneo countries. Its cultivation was introduced in America in 18th-19th century. It thrives in areas with warm and cool climate and altitudes up to 1700m. The fruits are eaten fresh or dried. wikipedia